Unpack Those Holiday Pounds


Last year I decided to become a coach for Beach Body.  I was using two of thier products (T25 and Shakeology) and as skeptical as I was to start them, they actually worked for me.  I have been wanting to get into shape since I had my kids (they just turned 8 years old) and I came to the reality that I was not going to be able to get to the gym after work.  I want to see my daughters…not spend time in a gym!  So a friend of mine was already a coach and had success getting in shape so I gave it a try.  It really changed my life and opinion on these types of programs.  Anyway, my point in posting this isn’t to get you to join Beach Body or my challenge, but if you are interested I am running a challenge group to lose 10 lbs by Valentines Day using the 21 Day Fix.  You can email me if interested at hcunninghamrd@hotmail.com or www.beachbodycoach.com/karmababee

In other news, my significant other and I have been throwing around writing a book together.  We have so many awesome ideas ~ we like to cook and I of course love to help people get into healthier lifestyle choices (it is possible!) this dream may actually become a reality.  Although this blog has been a challenge for me I really am going to try to keep up with is especially if this book idea takes form. 

Happy 2015!


I’ve been away but I am back.  I am going to beg my graphic designer better half to give my website a new look and move onward!  Some exciting things that have happened since we last spoke.:

1.  I completed my Masters of Science degree from UMDNJ/Rutgers.

2.  I am an official Beach Body coach so if you have ever been curious about T25, Insanity,ShakeO or any of the Beach Body merch, let me know.  It has been great to me and I have been able to fit it into my upside down life. 

3.  On a more personal note, I hit a milestone age this summer. This “number” unlike the ones previous, has put many things in my life perspective for me. 

More to come on ALL the above topics but I wanted to reach out to the internet world and let you know that this place has life!  Promise. 


Chili Love


It’s been cold here in New Jersey and there is nothing better than a warm bowl of chili on these cold nights.  The thing about chili is that there is quite a bit of room for your own flair – make it as spicy as you want, as “tomato-ey” as you like…serve it with brown rice, corn bread or on its own.  Add guac, sour cream or a dollop of cheese if you choose; it’s all up to you!  Another bonus is that chili reheats so nicely and actually gains flavor in the following days.  When you make a big batch of it, it can last you all week at lunch…bring in some steamed string beans or a side salad and viola!  Filling, rich in fiber and always hits the spot.  What I love about this particular recipe is the banana peppers ~ I am SUCH a fan and have been adding them to everything from salad to wraps to chili.  They add a little crunch, a bit more “heat” and also color.  Let’s get to it.  Just looking at this photo (above) makes me want some.

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Super Sunday!


The “Superbowl Party” is traditionally an event associated with dietary decadence; whether you’re entertaining or attending an affair, consider these healthy alternatives to traditional dishes and enjoy the big game without the big gains!  I originally developed these handouts for a corporate client, but couldn’t help sharing them this weekend.  Go team! ~ Heather

Super Bowl Superfood - Sweet Potato FriesSuper Bowl Superfood Spinach DipSuperbowl Superfood - Exercise

Superfood Superbowl – Sweet Potato Fries PDF

Super Bowl Superfood – Spinach Dip PDF

Superfood Superbowl – Exercise PDF

Heather ON AIR: New Year’s Food Safety Tips

HEATHER ON THE AIR!I had the pleasure of doing an interview for WOR 710 AM on New Year’s Food Safety Tips this past Monday.  Being around my gang, I feel as though I am always enforcing many food handling tips, mostly “Wash Your Hands.”  I can’t tell you the amount of times I have been going through my own pantry and have come across expired things.  January really is a great month to purge ~ purge the foods we just want out of our lives and also the expired ones from our pantry and refrigerator.   Anyway, give it a listen and let me know what you think.

Taco Party Tuesday (or Wednesday!)

Black Bean and Tofu Tacos

Tacos are always something my gang has loved. When they know we are making tacos for dinner, they enthusiastically exclaim “It’s a Taco Party”. In an effort to make this also a nutritious event, we upgrade traditional taco components to something a smidge more healthy. I have always used spinach instead of iceburg lettuce, brown rice or even quinoa instead of white or Spanish rice, reduced-fat cheddar replaces full fat cheese (even use non-dairy cheese). The other fun part to Taco Night for the gang is the assembly of ingredients. My crew loves to put their meals together and nice presentation (cute bowls as seen above) makes all the difference. We take the gloves off and enforce that it SHOULD be a little messy and a bean or two ends up on the floor. It just adds to the fun and relaxed environment (and our cat even gets to partake in the party!).

Another part of keeping it fun and for everyone is to make it look appetizing and visually pleasing. I am always on the lookout for fun and unique ways to serve dinner to the kids. The little yellow bowls pictured above were $5 at one of my favorite stores. I try to put ingredients I am trying to encourage in larger bowls (spinach, beans) and ingredients that should be used sparingly (cheese, guacamole) in smaller ones. You can craft this meal with many common ingredients that are likely in your pantry and refrigerator right now. I know its not “traditional” Mexican fare, but all these ingredients together in a taco shell really hit the spot~ my crew ate 3 tacos each! How can you have your own taco party? Recommendations and recipe below:

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Grocery Shopping Therapy


Seeds and nuts are my new snack. You can add some flavor flair to this mix by adding dark chocolate nibs or dried fruit.

I meet lots of people that confess to me how much they loathe going grocery shopping.  I understand, as far as spending our time someplace, going food shopping can be the last place we want to spend our time on the weekends.  I have to say, I love going.  Continue reading